My 7 year old built his own business!

It's half way through our second lockdown, and I must admit it's getting tough! 

My 7 year old son Cruz is a typical boy, he loves being with his friends, playing outside on his bike, or chilling in front of the TV... so, as you can imagine it has been a daily struggle!  He has been VERY resistant to home schooling and most days I have to sit and battle wth him to do any type of reading or writing.  Exhausting!

Last week I decided to try something new.  I put aside his school books and brought out the Project Gen Z Launchpad workbook, which is a step by step guide for kids to launch their own business.  I had no idea if this would interest him at all, but I was at the stage of giving up and sucking up my mum guilt!

Launchpad starts by getting kids to think about their passions and what they love to do.  Cruz excitedly wrote down Minecraft, Beyblades, Pokemon and playing lego (a good start!).  We then followed the workbook and together dreamed up an idea to start an online shop where Cruz could sell all of his favourite toys!  

Wow... he was engaged!!!  We spent the afternoon designing logos, coming up with ideas for names, starting to explore what products he would like on his shop and then building it.  He came up with the name 'Cool & Cruzy', which I thought was pretty clever lol.

It was such an incredible experience!!  I loved watching his excitement and passion towards the project, I have never witnessed this type of engagement from him before- It proved one thing for sure, kids are so open to a challenge and fear doesn't even play a part.

Since then, working on his business is his number 1 priority!  He cant wait to launch it and make his first sale!  (Once its launch I will share it!)


I have had so many parents email me with success stories after completing the Launchpad workbook, and I'm so glad I tried it myself!  There are two versions of the program aimed at kids and teens. I highly recommend you give it a go!  

If you do.. please share your stories and photos, Cruz and I would love to check out the business ideas you come up with :-).

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